Library Services

Our librarian and library staff are delighted to assist patrons in any way we can. Whether you live in Raymond full-time, part-time or are just visiting us, we encourage you to ask the staff any questions you may have.

Technology Resources

Patrons are invited to use the following resources while at the library:

  • Copier – available for patron use at 20¢ per page
  • Fax Service – $2.00 for the first page. $.50 page for each additional page
  • Computer – go anywhere in the world with our free Internet access or use basic office programs. Walk-ins are welcome, or call ahead to reserve time
  • Wireless internet access is also available to patrons who wish to use their own device

Online resources

Here are some additional resources available to patrons & card holders (note: some services may only be accessed from library computers)

  • Marvel – Maine’s Virtual Library
  • Learning Express Library – educational resources for career advancement and general knowledge
  • Portland Public Library – use your library card to access items from any Portland Public Library branch or online

Interlibrary Loan

If a book, DVD or audio CD is not part of our collection, you may request it from another library.

Once the request is submitted, in most cases the book will be delivered the next week by the “van service”, available through the Maine State Library System. This valuable service is free of charge to our patrons.

If you would like to request an item that is not part of our collection, bring this completed form to the library (requests can only be fulfilled on behalf of library card holders).

Casco Library

Raymond and Casco libraries offer borrower privileges to the residents of both towns with no fee. The Casco library is open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, 10am.- 8pm.

Research Projects

If you are looking for reliable information, the Raymond Village Library is happy to help you locate materials for pleasure or research. We can provide database instruction and assist with effective search strategies to start you in the right direction.

Electricity Usage

Does your electric bill seem high? You can check to see which of your appliances use the most electricity and which ones are the most efficient.

The Raymond Village Library has a Kill­A­Watt electrical usage monitor, which can be checked out as easily as a book (and comes with easy-to-follow directions). Please ask at the desk if you’d like to borrow the monitor.

Borrow a Telescope

We have a beautiful telescope that is available to borrow. Please call or ask at the front desk for more information.

Maine Wildlife Park Pass

Thanks to generous library patrons, the Raymond Village Library has purchased a Community Pass to the Maine Wildlife Park for all our patrons to use. The park is located on Route 26 in Gray.

The usual charges for the Park are:

  • Ages 4-12 : $5 each
  • Ages 13-60 :$7 each
  • Ages 61 + : $5 each

By using the Community Pass, each member of the group (no more than 7 people) will just be charged $2.50 each. This is a large savings per family and you can visit the park perhaps several times during the season, saving each time.

It is a wonderful place for families to visit and bring your summer company, as well as visiting grandchildren.

The pass is available by request at the library, and it is recommended that you ask in advance of the day you wish to visit, as the pass can just be used by one party at a time.

Portland Children’s Museum Pass

Thanks to generous donations, RVL now has a Children’s Museum Pass. Patrons should see the circulation desk to obtain a photocopy of the pass, which entitles the holder to a 50% discount for up to 4 people. Each additional visitor will be charged $7. The pass may only be used once a day, so we recommend asking at the circulation desk at least a day in advance of your museum visit.