Garden Tour Preview

Mulberry Farms 

One of the eight gardens taking part in the 2017 Raymond Garden Tour is Mulberry Farms. This is how the owners Frank and Deb Pecoraro explain their adventure of transforming a former dairy farm into a busy, vibrant, certified organic fruit and vegetable farm. 


“We purchased the property in 2014 and 2017 will be our third year of production.  We became MOFGA Certified in 2016 and opened a new farm stand.  There is a new orchard of 51 fruit trees and young berry bushes in addition to dozens of varieties of annual fruits and vegetables.  Honey is harvested from beehives kept on the property and the 125-year-old maples are tapped each spring.”


“We rebuilt the old farmhouse from the 1700’s and have just completed the landscaping, using traditional plants that have graced Maine farmhouses for generations.  It will take a few years for the plants to mature and fill in, but it won’t be long before the Mulberry Farms’ farmhouse will look like it has been there for generations.”  


The tour of Mulberry Farms will include the brand new house gardens, featuring perennials, shrubs and the granite slabs from the old foundation, as well as the vegetable gardens.