Activity Baby Bundles are a miniature version of our Backpacks and include 3 board books with an accompanying game, or toy that your child will recognize from story times here at the library.

Story Time Bundles

Story time sets for ages 3-6 are sets of 3 picture books accompanied by a themed craft. The current theme is the alphabet. Request one of these sets, and you’ll receive 3 books to read and a bag with all the supplies you will need* to help your child make a “Feed Me!” Puppet! Use the stick on letters to decorate small plastic lids, rocks etc. and learn the alphabet while playing! *[scissors, glue or tape, and crayons or markers, are needed at home for most of these crafts]

Reading/Activity Backpacks

Level 1 packs: Building Vehicles, Colors, Pets, Family, Farm, Sea life, Maine Wildlife, Jungle Animals, & Duplo Trains

Level 2 packs: Building Bridges, House Building, Sea Life, Loons, Outdoor Explorer,

Level 3 packs: Rocks & Minerals, Legos, Dash the Robot, Animal Tracks, Rhino Words & HippoMath