Closing at 4pm Today

The library will be closing today, Monday, February 22nd at 4pm due to weather conditions.

Thank You!

The Raymond Village Library would like to offer our most sincere thanks to our wonderful community!

Our little library has been serving Raymond since the early 1900s, but it’s safe to say we’ve never seen a year quite like 2020. When the pandemic closed down most of the public institutions in the United States in early March, we had to rethink nearly everything we do. From curbside pickup to toddler Story Time at home to book club meetings on Zoom and fabric face masks for sale at the library, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has asked our library’s staff and volunteers to pivot and then pivot again.

In the midst of all this change and upheaval, we had to plan our Annual Appeal. The pandemic’s shutdowns and social distancing regulations limited our traditional fundraising opportunities earlier in the year, so during these unprecedented times, we decided to set an unprecedented goal: our Annual Appeal hoped to raise forty thousand dollars.

But would it be possible for the Raymond Village Library to raise almost one-third of our annual budget in an Annual Appeal, especially an appeal launched during a global pandemic? We weren’t sure. The only thing we could do was ask and wait.

Our Annual Appeal was mailed in November. As soon as the Appeal went out, your donations began pouring in. By the end of December, we had met our ambitious goal of forty thousand. By January, the Raymond Village Library had raised just over fifty thousand dollars.

During these unparalleled and difficult times, you answered our call. Hundreds of our library members and patrons, both close to home and far away, supported us during the strangest and most challenging year of our existence. Your generous gifts made it possible for us to offer wifi access for remote learner students at new outdoor picnic tables and build activity backpacks for children. Your support ensures that our library staff will be there to meet your car in the parking lot for curbside pickup or to help you understand exactly how to join that video conference call on your computer. Thanks to you, the Raymond Village Library created outdoor story walks for children to grow a love of literacy even outside the library’s walls and, through it all, we’re still adding the latest bestsellers to our collection.

Your generous donations make Raymond Village Library a vibrant and welcoming center for our community. Together, we make a difference.

The Raymond Village Library is so deeply thankful for our community’s faith in our services and for your financial support. We look forward to many more years of classes, visiting speakers, community art, children’s groups, and of course…stories!