From the 1900's to Today... Welcome

Annual Appeal Goal: $43,000

$8,505 to Go!

We are so close!  Every dollar counts! Our challenge is great as we have increased the hours of our children’s librarian and have faced another increase in minimum wage. To end our year without a deficit we need your support. If you support what we do please donate today!

Our library is a nonprofit and not a Town department.  We have one fulltime and two part-time staff.  We provide many programs because of our dedicated volunteers and grant funding.  This year’s expenses are projected to be $117,500. $60,000 was approved at this year’s Town meeting which did not include our request for $12,000 in additional funds to meet our hours and minimum wage challenge. If we are going to move forward we need your support!


New Fundraiser

Next year we would like to add a Festival of Trees event to our holiday fundraisers. The festival will showcase fully decorated, themed, artificial Christmas trees on display, which will be raffled off to lucky winners at the conclusion of the festival.

If your business, organization, or group would be interested in sponsoring a tree for this event, please contact the library at any time for more information. After Christmas sales are a great time to pick up artificial trees and decorations at reduced prices for this event!

If we get enough commitments we will start planning!