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Library Strategic Plan Update

7/1/2018 - 6/30/2021

The Board and staff have updated our strategic plan. We invite you to review.

DiElectric Technology Grant Update

Google Classes Scheduled!

DiElectric has provided a $1500 technology grant for the purchase of laptops. The library is embracing new technology and creating a dynamic community center that will serve as a center of creativity and community collaboration. Todays library is moving from a storehouse of books to a center of access to knowledge.

The technology grant has been used to purchase 4 laptops that will serve as both public and class computers. The computers have arrived and are being updated with new software. An anonymous donor has also provided us with four Kindles! Classes in the planning stages include Cloud Library,  Microsoft Office Training, Resume Tools, Facebook, Skype and  FaceTime Applications and Photo Editing. 

Raymond Village Library is grateful for Dielectric’s support. Free public access to technology is key to fulfilling the library’s mission. Books are still important, but delivering content and experiences to the community in new, different and exciting ways will allow patrons to “Open the Door and Discover the Possibilities.”

Submit Event Proposal

The Raymond Arts Alliance wants to hear from you! Do you have a program to share? A skill you would like to offer others? Are you an artist that wants to meet up with other artists?

The Arts Alliance wants to support the expression of ideas and many art forms. Interested? Click this link and submit a proposal.

Event Proposal

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